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Never has it been so important to hear your Soul

Wanted to check in on you, in the same way as a friend did for me today... We’ve seen spring come and go, summer, Autumn, winter and now we are heading back into spring... and it has been, and still is the most extraordinary time in human history... 🌍 This situation has caused real trauma for many, it has seen much loss of many types, it has affected generations in different ways, and caused divide where there were friendships, and divide within families I cannot emphasise enough the need for understanding, compassion and tolerance right now... because before this situation began these human strengths were already running low in the world❤️ Everyone will handle what is happening differently according to their generational programming, their internal fears, and their own personal life experiences up to this point... This situation is here to challenge all of us to dig deep within, to shake us to the core at times, in order to find within us that quiet voice that has been overshadowed by the noise of life...🌟 Within you there is a wise, graceful, strong, loving energy, an energy that is balanced, calm, and all knowing... the energy of your Soul ❤️ It is there within you now, it knows why you are here, it is your unique energy signature that you bring to this world, and knows how to create your most divine life experience... 💫 But the reason many cannot hear this quiet voice is because of the noise of their own daily recycled thoughts, and noise from the outside world... Those recycled thoughts that re run everyday are there because of life experiences that have formed beliefs within, and you have gone on to carve out your life experiences based on them... It is not until we are jolted in some way to hear, and reach out for something more, do we hear something different... It is often not until we are very uncomfortable, in the middle of a challenge, or traumatic experience do we find silence from our repetitive thoughts... We are forced to find a part of ourselves that is more inspiring, guiding and calm💖 As the programmed noise that lives in our head is interrupted, it’s news feed cut off...only then do we hear ourselves When you are offered the gift to dig deeper, it can be a lonely and difficult experience, but it also offers you a chance to be with yourself and hear your Soul...that quiet voice that has been trying to reach you for your whole life...❤️ “So while I know this past year has been incredibly difficult for many, remember it is in those moments of difficulty that desires are recognised, purpose is found, and life can change forever...”💜 This experience is different for everyone, and everyone has their role to play, no role is wrong and no role is right... 👭 Because when you connect with your Soul and trust in something bigger than the human self... you know that in every moment everything is as it should be...❤️ My most challenging circumstances enabled this book to be born, birthed from something far removed from the rambles that used to play constantly on loop in my head... Without my challenges my world would be a lot less colourful, a lot less meaningful, and would have been a life part wasted, because I would never have been able to share what is in my heart and Soul with others...🙏🏻 My friend when you are facing challenges, know that you are just trying to shake something off, change your focus, lose the stuff that doesn’t light up your Soul... Take today as your guide, not tomorrow, next week or next year... live only in today, love today, and know that everything is in perfect order...💫 But most importantly listen, listen out for your Souls whispers... because that is the whole point of what is happening, it is time to re connect you to your Soul while walking in human form...❤️ So you can live, love and experience life without restriction... That is the point of this time in human history... With much love from my Heart to Yours❤️ The Girl Next Doors Theory Of Everything https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916351204/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_T1K85PWWK1MZYWPGVQAB #selflove2021 #soul #divineguidance #divinefeminine. #selfcare #soulsugar #loveyou #courageouswomen #womenempoweringwomen #knowyourself #knowyourhistory








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