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My life has always included spirit guidance, even before I even recognised that was what it was. I have been working with our universal Community for 23 years now, angels, spirit guides, so called Alien entities, galactic councils, and my beautiful beautiful family who have passed to spirit💫 All have helped me beyond measure to navigate an incredible and at times overwhelming journey...🙏🏻 A journey that has been a full time job alongside my ‘proper job’ and being a mother, daughter and all the other roles we have while here in human form...💜 In 2021 via a new book, I have so much to share with you in relation to this journey of mine, and the human plan. I will be sharing everything I can, a raw, unfiltered, extraordinary story of my experience of this incredible human plan that we are at the crescendo point of right now...🌍 The detailed step by step process of humanities journey from the beginning point of our creation to now 2020/2021 It has been one hell of a ride so far...😓😍 So much has been accomplished by you and everyone single person on this planet who has walked the walk through the human project “Return to Love”...👏 These past few days I have witnessed such emotional turmoil within the human family, I’ve seen divide and judgment within the human family, I have witnessed such heartache at the prospect of our separation from each other, I’ve seen deep loneliness, behaviour that is not the truth of who we really are, and such a deep need of the human heart wanting to Love, Love others like never before...❤️ But I’m here to tell you that what you are seeing evolve and show itself that is so uncomfortable for us, is a reflection of how far we have come..🌈 I promise you this is as a result of such relentless work to get us back to living from the heart, from the truth of who we are and bringing heaven back as a living place on earth...🌍 How do I know this with such certainty? Because, like you having your job here on earth to experience and express your unique energy while in human form, I have done the same, but in my specific role... And part of my role here has been to help pave the way to help us get onto a new timeline, to get humanity to a point where everyone of us has access to our original blueprint of perfection, to be able to express ourselves as Love while here having our human experiences...💚 My role is to enable us to be free of the lower emotions that have clouded our connection to our Soul, to the bigger picture and the knowledge and wisdom of the entire universe which is still within everyone of us, you are beauty beyond anything you could possibly imagine, and my job is to help you and as many people as possible remember... 💗 to remember your true home from this home...🤍 To remind you that your dreams are the truest expression of who you are... To remind you there is no death, or separation from those you have walked this journey with and who you Love with all your heart...❤️ To remind you that miracles are you, you are a miracle just waiting to express itself as the true you...💫 To remind you that you are here to shine so bright, every star in the universe lights up to celebrate you... 🌟 And my job with the help of many others is to allow you to finally know that this is not it, the world that has been created that includes so many difficulties is absolutely not the way it needs to be...🌍 We lost our way a long time ago and lost respect, Love and reverence for the earth and for ourselves, and the more this happened the further we drifted from our true selves and the understanding of who we really are... we began to hurt, we began to experience pain that was never ever meant to be part of the human experience, and with each bit of pain we experienced the tighter the door closed behind us on our home and true selves, until we could no longer find our way through the shadows to reopen the door to our heart and home...🌟 We were always meant to have our Soul connected to our physical body while in human form, and stay connected to home, and all other Souls in spirit... was how we were designed to have this human experience... While having this life experience, everyone at some point questions where we have come from, what the point of life is, and where we are going next... well we always new, always new, until the lower actions and pain created the barrier between our human self and our eternal home... So here we find ourselves looking at a world that appears to be in turmoil, but when I say I can assure you that it is all in order, it is because part of my job in clearing the path for humanity to move out of such deep forgetting, has been to go through the whole process myself... And that has involved learning and going through the process of getting to the point of being able to start reconnecting my Soul to my human form, so I can live while guided by my Soul, and then share that process with you, it has included clearing every single lifetime of being in human form that has not been in line with the original experience of living in a world of and as Love, and therefore clearing every lower emotion ever experienced over lifetimes of experiences. It has involved working on the collective emotional energy of humanity that links us all together, and all lower emotions every expressed in human form... It has involved working with the universal community to clear the earth, and the earths pain from its energy lines within its heart... And as I have worked on this I have experienced this clearing process, sometimes on a small scale and at times on an almost intolerable scale... I am not the only one who has been doing this, there are other Souls in human form who have come before, and those who are here now working this plan... So this is how I can explain to you why we are witnessing such chaos in the outer world, because as it has been scientifically proven we are all one, we all share the same space, and as one persons emotion and energy changes, this ripples out into the rest of the world... So as the path has been cleared and as myself and others have worked so hard to clear the lower imprints within the earth and within the physical body we have raised the vibration of the collective, and over the years slowly, slowly, the energy of Love and light has filled in the gaps where the lower energy once was... And as a human collective we got to a point where all of humanity was elevated above the pain and disconnect I described earlier... This project has taken years as there is no way the human body could take this increase of energy in one go, the physical body would collapse, and it is one hell of a job! So fast forward to the present, every person on this beautiful planet of ours, aware or not, has a very different physical body vibrationally than even a few months ago... And so does Mother Earth, her heart has been cleared of the pain we have caused her, and she is also now on the rise to her original perfection... And through all of this, the one and only way we were ever going to remember, to repair the damage we have done to ourselves, to each other and to a way of life that was designed to be pure bliss, was to once again get the physical body back to a point where it was clear enough of dense heavy emotions and memories to once again create the space to House our Soul while in living human form... AND TODAY WE START THAT EXACT PROCESS.... That is what will be fully activated today during the planetary events of the 21st December 2020... We have planets aligning, we have the winter solstice, we have crafts above the earth poised, we have our friends and family in spirit, and galactic council members and planetary beings ready to bathe the earth and humanity with energies that will further elevate the earth and everyone of us to the next stage of creating heaven on earth... All assisting us in the process of hosting heaven on earth... housing our Soul in human form while walking the earth, meaning we will once again be connected to everything, to the wisdom of the universe and to the knowledge of everything from the beginning of time...💫 And with that knowledge in place, and with even the tiniest bit of remembering and as it grows over time, we will never treat ourselves in the way we have up to now, we will never under value ourselves, doubt ourselves, never not love ourselves again... We will understand that mother earth is our true mother while we are in human form and never ever disrespect her or take her Love and beauty for granted... We will never ever believe that life should be a struggle we will know that it is a gift far greater than anything else... We will never harm each other again, we will never be divided, because we will understand that your pain is my pain, we are connected by Love, and were all born from the exact same divine creation point... We will Love beyond anything you could imagine because your Soul will guide you from the Heart of your creation point... And all of this can only be achieved when we have cleared the way, we have cleared ourselves and the earth fully enough of everything that does not match with our original and divine blueprint of creation... that is divine Love. So you see everything is in order, enough has be cleared and enough people have embodied higher energy into human form, enough souls in human form have completed this part of the task to elevate the rest of humanity, to start their journey of being heaven on earth, of reconnecting to their home while walking in human form... And what you see playing out now is the global clearing of humanity to clear their space of all that has impaired their connection to their true selves... The energy of humanity has risen to a point were this is possible, and that means there is no longer space, or a place where the lower energy of humanity can survive, it is being forced up and out, a bit like oil in water, the heaviness and consistency of oil isn’t compatible with the lightness and fluidity of water, so it rises to the surface and that is exactly what you are seeing play out... This is further confirmed by the fact that every single person on this planet is being touched by what is happening... this is The Human Plan in action and so has to involve the whole of humanity... So you see it all makes sense from this point of view... It is a Human Plan, and this is a global thing... It is a human plan and every human is being triggered in their individual ways to release their specific shadows that are concealing their true self... The chaos playing out is both the trigger points for making visible all that is not truth and Love within you, and is also the visible floating of the old to the surface... My friend everything is in order, the only way we were going to get back our incredible eternal selves, remember who we truly are, where we came from and remember we are just going home after our human experience, is to have something that was going to collectively move us all, jolt us out of the shadows, trigger them so we could see them and shine light on them, and see how important Love is in everything we are, everything we do, everything we share... and in all that we are... We had to get back to Love, and it was going to take something so big because we all had to play our part... We are on our way home while still in human form, we are now starting the process of living as Love, and starting the process of eventually living in human form fully connected to our Soul and in communication with all that is... This is it my friend, this is everything we could ever dream of, and this Plan is being observed by the rest of the universe, we are being supported cheered on, but in all honestly in the early days there was real uncertainty as wether we would make it... But we have, today is the activation point of becoming heaven on earth for all, it starts in earnest for the whole of humanity today... So as we start the process, release the pain from your heart, allow the world stage to be your guide to letting go of all that troubles you, because it will highlight to you with precision those shadows... and know that fear is only a reflection of your forgetting... Because when you connect with your true self you will remember, you are an eternal divine being, a creator who is connected to everything, with the wisdom, knowledge and history of the universe within every cell of your being...💜 So we are all going in the same direction, the only variant is how each person gets there... If you choose to study and practice the information that I have shared today, take personal responsibility for where you take yourself with your emotional and daily decisions, and if you “choose to Live as Love” through every situation, emotional choice, action and reaction... your ride will be so much smoother... We are bringing heaven back to earth, and it is the most incredible moment in human history ever, as the biggest plan in history reaches a crescendo point...🌍💚 The whole end goal of the Human Plan was for all of us to be re connected to our Soul while walking the Earth in human form... and we have achieved that exact point where this can begin to manifest for everyone of us today! So from this moment Live as Love, breath in the beauty of nature and allow the energies of Love bathing the earth today to ignite the next stage of your journey...❤️ You are Loved beyond anything you could ever comprehend with your human mind, but if you listen with your heart you will understand...❤️💜❤️ Today I will be working Souly on my part of the human plan and doing all I can to assist you on to the new timeline of Love...🌈❤️ I can’t express how much Love I am sending you today... from my heart to yours❤️ Today The True You Rises❤️








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