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This is THE resurrection opportunity for you, me and our world…

The time is in this moment, in this hour and in this weekend.  Never ever has there been a time like this in human history… ever, to begin walking the walk of love, mutual respect for everything and everyone, and allowing joy and freedom to come forth by living as the True You.

You know that a deeper you is inside, you know during your uncomfortable times over these past months, or years, you have been trying to connect with something more.  Whether your struggles are big or small they are reflecting an outdated way of life, that you want to change.  On some level there is a knowing, that the life you are living is too fast, lacking in meaning, stressful, and is depriving you of the things that are most precious to you…

So here we are, in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of a world shutdown, in the midst of something immense, that is touching everyone on this planet.  This is not an event anyone can deny carries power, it is not an event that affects just one family, it is an event that affects the global family!  This is a time to listen, to be moved towards something more, something that creates deeper meaning for you, and a world that you are deeply connected with.  We all want to be happy, fulfilled, healthy and in love with life.

Well the great news is… it is your birth right, your original design, your original blueprint, to be all the things that deep down you wish for!  You are a creator… fact!

In my post 'Our Current Global Teacher - Part 4' I discussed how we find ourselves at this point in human history, many lifetimes ago, some bad decisions were made, and we created a world ruled by the ego mind, which resulted in our current materialistic and ego fuelled world, that is so far removed from who we are.  But for many years, there have been many people, working tirelessly to raise the energy vibration of humanity and the planet, to a point were the energy vibration of a much lighter level could be sustained, meaning the energy of love, compassion, respect and beauty would now be in charge, would now be the dominant energy vibration of our world.

This is absolutely being confirmed as we see all these divine human traits being resurrected once again, right in front of our eyes, right here, right now.  The rise once again of love, compassion, and respect… you can see it manifesting everywhere.  This gives you confirmation and confidence that this is not just a time of random turmoil, this is the time of resurrection for mother earth and our true selves.

Now the fact that Easter falls in the middle of this pandemic, is no coincidence. There will be prayers going out all over the world for humanity, for peace, for love and for the healing of our world.  These prayers carry an energy vibration, and this vibration will affect everyone of us.  We will also be faced with the physical separation from others who are important in our lives, those we would normally see and celebrate with… we are being reminded of the love that enables us to survive and thrive, the love that we must now, through our thoughts and actions, extend to humanity and our earth.  We must honour what is being highlighted now and begin practicing our new-found appreciation for all life while we have the space to, so when the world re opens we have new thoughts and actions already in place, to keep us in that place of right thoughts and right actions.
Now is the time to master these new thoughts and actions, using the energy vibration that is available to us, available to all in the shared space we live within.  We cannot move out of this and forget, we have no choice, the new world is already here, what you are witnessing now is the release of the lower vibrations, such as fear, lack, illness etc, and the birth of love, respect, compassion and new connections to mother earth.

There is obviously a story attached to the Easter weekend, one of suffering and then resurrection.  This is not just about religion, the story relating to Easter is a mirror of our human situation up to this point… one of suffering, loss and the illusion of death.  Again, this is no coincidence, there is a message in this that is showing us that our life for eons of time has been an illusion… our connection to everything has been buried under layers of lower miscreated beliefs, emotions, and actions.

Easter not only gifts you with the mirror confirmation of your true nature as an eternal creator, but also surrounds you with the exact energy vibration for you to release the mis created emotions, and beliefs within your cells… supporting the resurrection of our True Eternal selves… this is huge.

How can you support this process for your highest good?

The resurrection energy needs to be consciously utilised, it is crucial that you pass through this weekend with awareness.  It will make your journey smoother… as my last post stated, 95% of what we do is unconscious, and we cannot afford to be unconscious anymore.

So tonight, and tomorrow morning, if it resonates with you, feel free to use the following statement:

“I activate the divine intelligence in every cell of my body now. I connect every cell of my being with the infinite source of love and am guided by this love in every moment”.

I recommend you do this before sleep, when you are quiet, take some calm breaths and connect with your heart through thought and gentle breathing.   This is a time when you are more open to guidance on every level, and you are planting the seed of instruction for your cells to work on overnight while you are at rest.

The benefit of repeating in the morning before you get up, is that you are setting a powerful intention for your mind, body and your day ahead.

You can use this statement as frequently as you feel is beneficial, but certainly morning and evening.

By repeating this statement, you are communicating with your cell’s intelligence, and the energy field of possibilities that we all exist in, that you are releasing the old and instructing the True You to once again take its rightful place in your human journey.  You are confirming and committing that you are ready for more from life than the emotional restraints and struggles that have been your programming up to now.
You can see and feel this is not a prophecy anymore, this is not a practice run, this is the real thing, right here, right now, it is undeniable.  Every person in our whole global community is affected in some way, because this is about our global family, and our Earth… and you/we are at a turning point.

You are living through the most extraordinary time in human history, and if you are ready for something more truthful, joyful, abundant and empowering, now is the time to cement those foundations in place… while you have the most incredible energy to support you in your process… back to the True You.

It really is time for the True You to Rise

With much love from my heart to yours

This is THE resurrection opportunity for you, me and our world…