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We Will Stand Together, and We Will Not Go Back…

For ourselves, for mother earth, for future generations…we will not go backwards.

I hear some areas of our society’s systems have begun trying to distract us from our new, clearer views of life and the world, and pull us back into old patterns and old ways, the ego bickering is rearing its head in parts of our political system, and some areas of the news feed organisations have begun their ego battles to win the best headlines, whatever the cost. The initial shock and newness of the current situation has somewhat subsided, and the old ego ways are trying to keep their head above water and take us all back down into that dark abyss.

In the past weeks, actually in just a few weeks, we have built a world that reflects more compassion, a world that has witnessed nature and our earth coming back to life, and we see the prospect of our survival in a new world not just as a possibility, but actually achievable.

We will not go back, this is our time to rise, and rise we will.

At this point we have to constantly remind ourselves that this is all about moving into a better world, a better place for all. We have witnessed the incredible coming together of the human global population, with exchanges of care and compassion. We have witnessed the earth starting to take her deep breaths once again, filling her lungs with cleaner air, and we have witnessed so many sacrifices by so many in order to help our world survive. We all have a responsibility to move this new world forward, because the place we were headed, on so many levels, was not conducive to our survival.

So, this is a call to action to not get distracted by any old ego negatively which raises its head that:

1. You cannot control
2. You do not have personal experience of the exact facts
3. You cannot directly change or have an impact on

Because when we are in a state of distraction, from something that we cannot control or cannot directly have an impact on, we feel out of control and that causes fear. Fear is an immobiliser, it steels so much of your life, it stops you moving forward, it stops you having clear thoughts… and it stops you taking action in the direction of a life that means something to you and the world.

This is the hold that ego has had over you before this point in human history, it thrives on fear and drama, because it knows you will become distracted and therefore paralysed in the same spot for the whole of your life… and this paralysed state, we had become numb to.

Now, don’t confuse the above points with apathy, oh no it is most definitely not apathy. What I am asking is that you do not waste your focus or energy on something you cannot directly change, and cannot control, because if you cannot control or change something it is a direct message to you that it is not your purpose and quite frankly not your business. What you must do is focus on what you can control and have a direct impact on because that is your business and your purpose.

So, for an example, taking this current situation into account, you cannot personally change everything that is happening globally or even locally, if you are not a medical specialist in one the areas of focus you cannot have a direct impact in that way, and if you aren’t a statistician you do not have the exact facts regarding numbers surrounding this situation.

But you will never the less, be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information, that you cannot possibly process, and you have no control over any of it. This is the point where I suggest you only take the bullet points from a news update online, which means you can adhere to what affects you, and leave the rest.

By doing this, whatever the distraction is, you will not be filled with anxiety and fear over something that you cannot control, and do not have experience of the full facts. You become less distracted and therefore more present, more relaxed and you have a clearer thought process around what is important for your life and the people most important to you.

We live in a world of distractions, but those distractions will only affect you if you invest in them. In times like these your energy can be invested in resetting your future into something you love the look of, for being there for people in your community and family and making a difference with small acts that you can control and influence. Fill this world with actions and creativity based in Love not fear.

To remind you; from this moment, do not invest your beautiful self into negative distractions that you cannot control, do not have personal experience of the exact facts, and anything that you cannot directly change or have an impact on.

The one very important point I will add is; whatever the situation you are watching play out, you may have no direct control over it, but what you do have is a beautiful heart that is more powerful than you could ever grasp, so sending Love and healing assistance via your heart energy will be one of the most powerful gifts you can offer to any individual, incident or situation. Your healing thoughts will be carried on the vibration of energy that we all share, to exactly where it is needed. This way of focusing your energy will expand your heart intelligence and your energy in positive ways, as well as assist and support others.

You have your own gifts, uniqueness and reason for being here, and that is where your thoughts and energy should now live. Invest your energy in things you can influence, and things that will make a life you look back on with a smile, knowing you didn’t give your energy and power to the illusion that is fear, but stayed true to yourself and to this world we get to call home.

It is most definitely time for the True You to Rise

We Will Stand Together, and We Will Not Go Back…