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to light up the True You


Soul Sugar Vibrational Essences & Books

Before Transformation Came Transition.


There is no going back, we've come too far.  Collectively and individually we are in new terrirory, moving into a new world.  

We are leaving to old world behind and entering a different way of living, and a new way of being.  You can feel it, we can all feel it on some level.  Its time to learn how to negotiate this new world, release the old ways of thinking, reacting, and actioning your life...  

Learn who you truly are!
Love on every level so fully you are wholly and completely the most powerfully beautiful version of you!
Live without restriction!


These Essences are designed to suport you through this transition, and into a new space that makes so much more sense and feels like coming home.  It's time to "tap" into the TRUE YOU, and the wisdom you already hold in every cell of your being. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE EVERY DROP!

Currently in production, available personally for YOU in 2021 

The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything - Book 1

Definatly not another self help book, its your manual for life, its packed with profound information that no one has probably ever told you before, which will make you fiercely & gracefully unstoppable!

The follow up and phenomenal Book 2 will be coming soon!